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A dredging, harbour maintenance & slope analysis opportunity

We are looking for partners who can collaborate with us in this Dredging project opportunity in North Africa.

Project Type: Harbour Maintenance Dredging.

Project Details: It is a large project based in North Africa & has two phases.

Phase One:

(A)   Bathymetric survey.

(B)   Dredging sand from the port navigation channel Approx. 836,000 m3

Phase Two:

(A)   Clearing Silt Trap of 77,000 m3.

(B)   Dredging inside the basin of 265,000 m3

(C)   Slope Stability analyses (LS )

Our Expectation: We are looking for a harbour maintenance dredging contractor or collaboration to carry out maintenance dredging works. 

Please feel free to contact us for further details. 

Harbour Maintenance: Projects
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