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  • Capt. Ansar Ahmed Khan

A Very High Cost of Dredgers/ Dredging Equipment-A Major Entry Barrier for Startups/Regional Players

Dredging is an activity which is a major tool to mitigate the effect of Climate Change, bring qualitative improvement in Environment ( Flood Control , Urban Drainage , Beach nourishment, Deep sea Mining , Islands as Production Platforms for Oil Industry , Wind Mills , Reclamation and so on ). Dredging has expanded much beyond its primary activity of Making and Maintaining Navigational Channels - although it is still its one of its significant services in its large portfolio in the service of mankind and the Planet Earth.

There are many barriers for Start- Ups and Regional companies to come to this noble and fruitful field and succeed.

It will not be possible to discuss all of them in one go, so let us take the most critical point first.

Why dredgers and dredging Equipment are so costly?

Does it have any rationale in Modern times, Where State of Art Equipment are being churned out, all over the World and manufacturing / building is practically not the monopoly of one region or Country in any Industry except may be in Defence and Aviation Industry.

What a Dredgers is ? - It amalgamation of Electric, Hydraulic , Engine and other Mechanical components and automation and controls as necessary. Yes, Hull is an important Component .

Do all Dredgers and Jobs required same level of Complexity and Automation ? Certainly not .

Basically what is required :-

A job should be done on time, with strict adherence to scope and specifications and at Optimum cost.

The above requirements will decide how complex or advance a dredging machine should be .

It is good to own Ferraris' and Mercedes of the World but then they are not appropriate for visiting your favorite Grocery Shop or 9 /11 Store.

Yes, there has been some attempts by big manufacturers/ Builders to decentralize and build dredgers in developing countries, but these plants are not more then Assembly Plants getting CKD's from their parent Countries.

Chinese made a foray in this aspect but then, issues with their approach requires a separate blog.

Dredging is need of the Hour - No country can ignore it under present challenging Environment, where world is threatened by Climate Change.

Low lying Countries and coastal areas are on verge of being swallowed by ever rising sea level. Flash Floods are destroying the properties worth million of dollars and killing thousands of people. Land for Housing and infrastructure is in short supply.

Hydro- Electric dams have become reservoirs of Silt than Water . Need of the Hour is to restore the capacity of existing Dams then to build more and further increase the ecological risks associated with them.

Oil industry needs to abandon the practice of Building of Oil Platforms and go for "Production Islands".

Shipping will be there forever as it leaves smallest Carbon foot print among all conceivable mode of transport of Goods and Cargo.

Shipping cannot be imagined without Dredging.

It is critical that we democratize this Industry from the monopolistic structure which existed for more than a century and has outlived its usefulness


The Demand for Dredging is as its high and its potential for further improve the life of People and to save the Planet is beginning to be realized.

Let us bring youth into it.

Let us have more Start- Ups and Regional Companies .

Let Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor look at it .

Dredging brings promises of a better and Egalitarian World, where to live safely and prosper in a cleaner Environment will not be for a privileged few.

Dredging and Marine Innovations is an aggregator site, which can provide Consultancy and the services to build Dredgers at any part of World - The Dredgers you actually need and not which you aspire for various extraneous influences


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