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Why Water Injection Dredgers have not received their Due?

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Water Injection dredging was touted as very cost effective Maintenance Dredging alternative to conventional Maintenance dredging by Trailer Suctions.

However, it has not achieved enough recognition which it duly deserves.

Is it because the Dredging Companies, Dredge Builders fear cannibalisation and its denting the trailer suction Dredger and trailer suction dredging market, where a huge margin awaits them ?

Yes, it is true that certain design and contingent conditions/ works are required for WID to be successful.But the its cost effectiveness and simplicity makes it a surprise package and alternative to Trailer Suction Dredger to a significant level.

It is most environmental friendly dredging technique.

Capt. Ansar Ahmed Khan, Managing Director at Dredgemasters Ghana Limited.

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