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Key to successful projects - Importance of Site Investigations

There are many ways to analyze the factors which make a Dredging Project a success.

The issue can be a analyzed from the Clients Perspective or from Contractors Perspective.


Approach could be from piecing together each elements and adding up to make a big picture or it can be to commence from the big picture then break it into its elements or an amalgamation of both the approaches.

However, whichever approach we adapt - one thing is common .

Site Investigations

Site investigation is the first and the critical requirement irrespective of the analytical approach being adopted.

It may include topographic , Hydrographic Surveys and Seismic Surveys ( as the requirement may be ).

Word class Site Investigation Services available

We provide World class expertise for all aspects of Site Investigations anywhere in the World .

We discuss the various elements of Site Investigations in my next Blogs.

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